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McElroy Morse Code Chart Complete DXer WireBook 5  Solar Made Simple
Ted McElroy Bio, CD-ROM AA0ZR's Living Up There Your Guide to HF Fun Vibroplex Collectors Guide
 Telegraph Collectors Guide Story of Enigma Ham Radio Anthologies The Vail Correspondent
Keys II: The Emporium Keys III: World of Keys QRP Romps! A to Z of Electronic Construction
KR3E's Dits and Dahs Sevick's Baluns and Ununs Sevick's Short Vertical Antennas W6SAI HF Antenna Book

from Artifax Books...

McElroyMcElroy, World's Champion Radio Telegrapher
2nd edition, 2007
by Tom French, W1IMQ

Sorry, the 2007 edition is sold out and out of print.  
CD-ROM Version (see below)

How many famous telegraphers can you name?  Only one ever really made it big as a telegrapher, inventor, marketer, and all around good guy, and that was Ted McElroy.  Not only did he win the world's chanpionship for copying Morse code, he held touch typing records and manufactured Morse keys and bugs that are valued by collectors, many of them still in use in radio shacks around the world. And his 1939 record of 75.2 WPM has never been beaten-- relatively recent claims of higher speeds are based on different (and more generous) methods of calculating the speed, and/or much shorter texts.  

Leading "Mac" authority and collector Tom French gives you an entertaining biography of Ted McElroy, the man and the legend, and a detailed reference work for the Mac Keys.

    • 152 pages (indexed)
    • Complete Life and Times of T.R. McElroy
    • Pictures and illustrations
    • The Telegraph Keys of T.R. McElroy
    • Mac Key Serial Numbers
    • Replicas of original ads
    • ... and much more.

CD-ROM Version  (AM-TMCD) The complete book in pdf format.

Code Chart
McElroy's Codes and Signals Poster

by Tom French, W1IMQ

$18.00 Post-paid*

11 x 17"  Frameable reproduction of McElroy's famous 1943 "Chart of Codes and Signals." The chart Includes International and American Morse, as well as Morse codes for Greek, Russian,  Arabic, Turkish, and Japanese.  Signals include International Z signals, Aeronautical "Q" Signals, Radiotelegraphy "Q" signals, International Flag symbols, and Semaphore Code.

11x17" Poster AB-MMCC.
$18.00  (includes First Class Postage in the US).

*Mailed in a cardboard mailing tube.  Will be mailed separately if ordered with other items.  

vibrocgVibroplex Collectors' Guide
3rd edition with supplement
by Tom French, W1IMQ
$15.00   CD-ROM
For over twenty years this book has been the primary collector's reference to the semiautomatic keys (bugs) made the the Vibroplex Company. Includes descriptions and illustrations of every bug from the Autoplex, the 1905 Original, the Model X, Double Lever, Blue Racer and more, including their variations, as well as the first three paddles and the straight key. The book also includes historical information on the keys, the complete patents (with the original drawings) that gave Horace Martin control of his inventions, identification and description of all of the nameplates, dating information, and much more. Illustrated with drawings, photographs, and reproductions of early advertisements.  CD-ROM, PDF Format.

tvccdThe Vail Correspondent
by Tom French, W1IMQ
$15.00   CD-ROM

The Vail Correspondent, a quarterly journal for telegraph key collectors, was published by Tom French, W1IMQ. It began in October 1992 and ran until July 1998, for a total of 24 issues.  Each issue contains about 20 or 24 pages. Generally, each issue contained a main article on a particular key or telegraph instrument, which was followed by several other articles on instruments or collecting. The last section included reader letters and ads. The main articles as well as most smaller articles provide an important reference for telegraph instrument collectors. Issue no. 20 contains an index of the articles in issues 1 through 20. The CD ROM includes all 24 issues. Please note that the TVC mail address in the issues is no longer in use.  

CD-ROM, PDF Format.

Enigma CDEnigmaCD2

en igma

This is the story of the Enigma cipher machine, the primary device used by the German Military during WW-2 to produce what they believed were secure coded messages. Tom Perera's comprehensive text and more than 1,400  photos on this CD  trace the development of codes, cipher machines, and the Enigma, its civilian and military models;  its operation, strategies used to decipher its messages, and its mechanical and electrical construction. The CD also includes an excellent Enigma simulator program for 2 PCs, 9 books and manuals, 5 videos, 2 archival databases, WWII German military radios and telegeraph keys, the Rusisian FIALKA and American M-209 systems. and a bibliography. No installation required, PC and MAC compatible.

Story of the ENIGMA CD ROM (AB-ECD)
by Tom Perera, W1TP

Telegraph Collectors Guide (AB-PCG)
by Tom Perera, W1TP

Third edition: Bigger, better, already a collectable in its own right! Noted collector Tom Perera, W1TP, has updated his popular guide. More pictures, more prices, water-resistant cover. He identifies and discusses keys, registers, sounders, relays and other telegraph instruments with more than 300 pictures and descriptions as well as a value guide with current collector price guidelines. This handy resource also includes Reinke's and McEwen's lists of makers, excerpts from Nutting's J-series book, Seneker's bug list, Navy key numbering, and more. This is an indispensable reference for every key collector, in a convenient size for carrying around ham fests and antique malls. Use on its own or in conjunction with the version that is included in the CD  (see below). Tom's is the only such work to include pricing information, which is updated on his web site at  

Softcover, 6-3/4 X 9.5
(also available in CD-ROM version -- see below)
    • 104 pages
    • 300 Pictures and Descriptions
    • 300 Current Prices
    • History
    • 1200 item Index
    • Identification
    • Reference Lists
    • Restoration tips... and much more.

AB-PCG $19.95


 Telegraph Key Reference CD ROM
   by Tom Perera, W1TP
Tom's Collector Guide (see above), and so much more!

      Over 5,000 files and more than 3,000 pictures, most in high resolution full color. The data is in HTML formatted documents
      for easy viewing with your browser

      Complete Perera's TELEGRAPH COLLECTORS GUIDE  with embedded pictures, most in full color. -- where prices/values are shown you will find them updated on Tom's web site at

      (with all 1600+ pictures embedded in the text)

      (...with Instant Access to Pages and Illustrations)

      The 1929 WESTERN UNION PLANT CATALOG (...Transcribed by Richard S. Loveland, N3IA
      and converted to HTML coding by Lynn Burlingame, N7CFO )

      Russ Kleinman's SPARK KEY PROJECT (...with some of the pictures.. Internet connection
      required for access to privately owned images)

      ...A complete listing of 250 articles from this out-of-print journal with information about how to order back-issues.)

      ...A complete listing of 3000 topics/articles from this current journal with information about how to subscribe and
      order back-issues.)

      ...A complete index to 1600 keys/topics discussed in printed issues of ''The KEYLETTER'' with information
      about how to subscribe and order back-issues.

      ...Text Pages for fast Reading...with Instant One-Click Access to 1600+ Images



Perera's Telegraph Key Reference CD ROM (AB-PCD)AB-PCD $15.00

solarSolar Made Simple (AB-SMS)
by Tom French, W1IMQ

How to Use a Solar Panel to Charge your Battery If you're interested in using solar power to operate an amateur radio station or charge the battery in your RV, or just curious as to how sunlight can provide "free" electricity, this book explains it all.
Softcover, 5.5 X 8.5, 52 pages.

from Jane Wodening, AA0ZR

Living Up There

   Living Up There
     A decade in the Rocky Mountains' Fourth of July Canyon
    by Jane Wodening, AA0ZR


"Reality was not invented ten thousand years ago by humans." -- J. W.  

Observations and stories from a decade of living alone in remote 4th of July Canyon, with only the birds and wildlife for company, and more than a passing nod to Amateur Radio.    Softcover, 5 x 7, 130 pp

    Living Up There- the Audio Book (MX-WLUTA)

     Read by Jane Wodening.  MP3 Audio CD Set


Drive About

Driveabout (MX-WDA)

     by Jane Wodening, AA0ZR


 This book has been compared with Blue Highways, Dersert Solitaire, and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.  It is a delightful account of Jane’s 1980s cross country trip and her many adventures as she and Bobo the car discover America as only Jane could do. In it, she unearths unlikely places and people, and learns how to be on her own for the first time in her life.


Wolf dictionary  

  Wolf Dictionary (MX-WWD)

     by Jane Wodening, AA0ZR


This book is meant to help anyone who is interested in animals to understand their actions and their communications.  I’ve put it in narrative form because it seemed the best way to clarify the reasons for the actions of the animals. In notes at the end of each chapter, I talk over the actions of the animals and what those actions mean. Jane Wodening, from the Preface

Lady Orangutan

The Lady Orangutan and Other Stories (MX-WLO)

     by Jane Wodening, AA0ZR

A volume of short stories by beloved mountain storyteller Jane Wodening, author of Lump Gulch Tales and Living Up There. 12 new, previously unpublished stories, plus 45 previously published, including several from Lump Gulch Tales, now out of print. Stories of nature, mountain living, growing up and growing old.

from CQ Books...

Dits and Dahs

The ABC’s of Morse Code Operating

By Ed Tobias, KR3E


This small but solid guide is the perfect read for those interested in learning or improving CW operating techniques!

Within its pages you’ll find:   
  • The secret of becoming a proficient CW Operator
  • Where and how to practice, practice, practice.
  •  Straight key or Paddle?
  • Adjusting your Straight or Paddle
  • Keyers, Iambic Keying and Bugs
  • Contests & Events, DXing
  • Operating QSK
  • CW Filters
  • Signs, Signals and Procedures
  • Tips on Taking CW On the Road . . .  and much, much more!

Baluns & UnunsUnderstanding, Building, and Using Baluns and Ununs (MC-2BU) 
by Jerry Sevick, W2FMI

Theory and practical designs for the experimenter.  Jerry Sevick is well known in the amateur radio community and his work on transmission line transformers, baluns and ununs, has been adopted as  a standard by the IEEE.  Part one of the book deals with understanding the basic principles of transmission line transformers (TLTs) and part two is a practical guide to their design, construction, and use.  
Softcover, 8-1/2 x 11, 130 pp

Short Vertical AntennaThe Short Vertical Antenna and Ground Radial (MC-SVA) 
by Jerry Sevick, W2FMI

This small but solid guide walks you through the design and installation of inexpensive, yet effective short HF vertical antennas. With antenna restrictions becoming a real problem, this book could keep you on the air!  

Sevick's Understanding...Baluns/Ununs
(MC-2BU)  $19.95
Sevick's  Short Vertical antenna and Ground Radial (MC-SVA)  $10.00

The W6SAI HF Antenna Handbook
by Bill Orr, W6SAI


Bill Orr was one of ham radio's most respected authors, known for his easy-to-understand, down-to-Earth, writing style. In keeping with this tradition, rather than filling a textbook with theory and complicated diagrams, Bill and CQ have produced a thoroughly practical text for any antenna enthusiast, jam-packed with dozens of inexpensive, practical antenna projects that work!  

From choosing an appropriate antenna type to installing it and using it, everything you need to know is in this handy volume.


antennas  ...Ham Radio Anthology
Antennas (MC-AN2) 

Volume 2, 1973-1975 (MC-AN2) $19.95 

Carefully selected from the antenna articles published in Ham Radio, this antenna anthology covers all types of antenna designs and theory from 160 meters through microwaves. All articles have been selected to be as timely and valuable to today’s Ham as they were to Ham Radio readers of the time. Softcover, 8-1/2 x 11, 170 pp.

from Idiom Press...

cdxerThe COMPLETE DX'er, 3rd Edition (ID-CDX)
by Bob Locher, W9KNI


First published in 1983, Bob Locher's Complete DX'er was sadly missed when the second edition sold out. Copies sold on a popular Internet auction site for many times to the original cover price.

The third edition took over three years to complete, and you will quickly appreciate the effort that Bob has put into updating it.

If you're new to Amateur Radio, this one book will tell you everything you need to know about the mysterious world of DX, and if you are an old denizen of the "DX Dogpiles" you will learn some new tricks.  Speaking of learning new tricks, a pleasant surprise in the 3rd edition is the amount of attention devoted to QRP DX.

Written in an engaging personal narrative style, The Complete DX'er is as entertaining as it is informative.   There are 26 chapters in the 223 page book-- from "Basic Listening" to "The Last Secret," it's all there in a very palatable format.  The 3rd edition of The Complete DX'er is certain to confirm the book's status as an all-time classic.

from Press Jones, N8UG...


by Press Jones, N8UG


Press Jones N8UG is the "Original Wireman,"  your source for the best wire, cable, and connectors. And his Wirebooks have been THE reference for materials and techniques for decades.  The new WIREBOOK V is still in the straightforward style of WIREBOOKS I, II III, and IV,  with chapters on :
  • Coaxial Cables,
  • Connectors,
  • Cable Routing and Burying,
  • Grounding and Lightning,
  • Balanced Line,
  • Antenna Wire,
  • Wire Antennas,
  • Baluns, hints, tips, a W2DU discussion, and a few laughs.

WIREBOOK 5 has over 200 pages and 'OPEN-BAK' binding for stay-open use. There are many useful pictures, charts, tables and hints. The information provided will help the interested amateur make the right choices, avoid commercial double-speak, and get the maximum performance from his station at the least cost. Seldom has so much hard data been presented with so much entertaining commentary, making WIREBOOK 5 a must-read for all hams, radio and electronics enthusiasts.

from Dave Ingram, K4TWJ...

The World's Most Admired Keys -  New And Old
by Dave Ingram, K4TWJ

Dave's first book about keys was "Keys Keys Keys" which was published by CQ Books.  It is out of print but a re-print edition would be a best-seller-- if you see a copy, grab it!  Continuing the theme begun in "Keys Keys Keys," Dave explores some of the more obscure and interesting telegraph instruments:

  • Classic Hand Keys
  •  Ever Popular Bugs
  • Exotic Bugs and Keys
  • QRP Keys and Paddles
  • New Keys and Paddles... and much more

    The World's Most Unique, Exotic, and Glamorous -  New And Old

    by Dave Ingram, K4TWJ

    Released at Dayton in May 2005, Ingram's "Keys III":is the third volume in an exhaustive treatment of keying equipment and it includes spark keys, camelbacks, and dual polarity keys through modern keys, bugs and paddles.

      • Spark Keys
      • Double Lever Keys
      • Camelbacks
      • Proud Pumpers
      • Far Out Fun Keys
      • Famous Vibroplex Bugs
      • Less Known Bugs
      • Beyond Belief Bugs
      • Marvelous Miniatures
      • Modern Keys, Bugs & Paddles
    The CD-ROM version  of Keys III (coming back soon!) features high-resolution and full color images of over a hundred of the world's most prized keys. The book is laid out in several chapters using html format, so you can easily read the whole book, and navigate through it, using your customary web browser.   

    Keys III, "The World of Keys" book,  softcover, 78pp IB-K3 $17.95

    qrp romps
    QRP Romps!

    by Dave Ingram, K4TWJ


    QRP is low-power operation.  Its afficionados arbitrarily restrict themselves to 5W of HF power-- barely more than a CB-- yet manage to work the world.  DXCC, contests, and amd just about anything you can do with high power, you can do with QRP.   

    What's happening in QRP Today, in 90 pages of coil-bound info that will provide hours of fun and ideas!

    GO GREEN with QRP!
      • Discover the world of QRP
      • Secrets to QRP success
      • The gear -- The goodies
      • The kits -- The clubs
      • The contests -- the fun!
      • ... and much more

    hffunYour Guide to HF Fun (IB-HF)
    by Dave Ingram, K4TWJ


    With reduced requirements for a ham license with HF privileges, a growing number of VHF/UHF operators are discovering the joys of classic amateur radio.  "Your Guide to HF Fun" is specifically aimed at the newcomer to HF operation.  It's a whole new world-- let Dave be your guide!

      • Rig Specs & Features Simplified
      • Assembling a Great Station
      • Installing & Tuning Antennas
      • Using Tuners & Checking SWR
      • Secrets of DXing & Contesting
      • Operating Tips Galore

      • ... and much, much more.

    from Milestone Technologies...

    A to Z of Electronic Construction (MT-AZ)
    by Marshall Emm, N1FN

    Hard-copy reprint of N1FN's popular construction series, the A to Z is  also available free on the web. Everything you ever wanted to know about building things electronic. It's a must-read for the beginner to intermediate builder, with plenty of detailed explanations and illustrations.  The A to Z was originally published in four parts in the late lamented 73 Magazine.  8-1/2 x 11, stapled, 38 pages.

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