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Electronic Keyers
Logikey Keyer and CMOS Super Keyer III Kit

Logikey K-5 Keyer

Logikey K5

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The Logikey K-5 is the latest implementation of the famous CMOS Super Keyer III firmware, described in detail below.  Idiom Press continues to make the industry standard super-keyer, a full-featured multipurpose keyer that will be right at home in any radio shack.  Whether you are a contester, a DXer, a rag-chewer or a meteor-scatter burst mode fanatic, your needs are met easily and simply with the Logkikeys mnemonic interface.  No memorizing charts of keyer commands! No re-programming your keyer for every contest.  No looking for menus when you need to change speed.  These features, and more, make the Logikey the most user-friendly keyer on the market. 

The K-5 features a new compact enclosure and circuit board featuring enhanced protection, side-tone volume control, negative keying capability,  and built-in AAA battery holder. An accessory hookup cable kit is available in three versions, to suit most any transmitter.

    "When the K5 first came out all I could say was the perfect keyer just got better!"      --N1FN  

See below for a detailed description of the keyer's features.

Logikey K5 rear viewk5rm.

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Logikey K-5 Electronic Keyer - $149.95


ID-CMS3 Super CMOS-III Kit - $55.00

ID-CMS3H Hardware Pack for the Kit (Optional) -  $12.00
Hookup Cables for Logikey Keyers and Kits 

Paddle to Keyer Cable (3.5mm stereo to stripped/tinned)
DC Power Cable  (2.5mm coaxial plug to stripped/tinned) 
Keyer Output Cable (male RCA to 1/4" Stereo)
ID-HKA Hookup Kit $16.95

Paddle to Keyer Cable (3.5mm stereo to stripped/tinned)

DC Power Cable  (2.5mm coaxial plug to stripped/tinned)

Keyer Output Cable (male RCA to 1/8" Stereo)
ID-HKB Hookup Kit $14.95

Paddle to Keyer Cable (3.5mm stereo to stripped/tinned)
DC Power Cable  (2.5mm coaxial plug to stripped/tinned) 
Keyer Output Cable (male RCA to male RCA)
ID-HKC Hookup Kit $14.95


The Super CMOS III Kit has a long and well-deserved reputation as one of the best Morse keyers ever designed.  And when you look at the list of features you won't believe the price.  The Logikey K-5 is the factory assembled keyer, with a very nice case, ready to "plug and play;"  -- all the features of the kit plus negative keying capability, adjustable amplified side-tone, and an internal battery pack!

These keyers feature speed control by pot, six pushbutton memories (which can be banked to provide 18 separate message memories) and no other controls apart from your paddle!  Several functions are readily available by combinations of key presses, and there is a built-in side-tone oscillator for practice and programming.  Those are just the highlights-- check out the features list:

Iambic keyer with dot and dash memories
6 active message memories, +12 banked messages, 1430 characters total
Messages may "call" other messages, and contain embedded functions
Input queue to call messages sequentially
Contest serial numbering 001-9999 with variable formats and easy correction
Digital and analog speed control, 5-60wpm
Adjustable weighting on dots and dashes-- 25-50%
Sidetone (and practice) oscillator with variable pitch
Tune (key down) function
10. Selectable automatic character spacing
11. Timed pauses within messages
12. Message loop capability for continuous play
13 Text insertion from the paddle during message play
14. Curtis A/B and eight other timing emulations
15. Ultra speed messages to 990wpm for meteor scatter, etc. 
16. Ultra-low power consumption for battery operation
17. Full beacon capability
18. Stored (memory) message editing capability
19. Messages and configuration saved when power is off
20. Keyer can compensate for transmitter shortening
21. Hand Key mode.

In reference to the features described above, there are NINETEEN FUNCTION COMMANDS (for setting features), THIRTEEN INQUIRY FUNCTIONS (the keyer will report the settings), and ELEVEN EMBEDDED FUNCTIONS (which can be placed in stored message text).  There are even FIVE TWO-BUTTON COMMANDS, executed by pressing two of the six buttons simultaneously, for common functions like going into tune mode or hand-key mode. 

But don't let all of this intimidate you!  First, the commands and functions are mnemonic-- "S" for Speed, "M" for Monitor, and so forth-- so you don't need to refer to the manual every five minutes.  Second, the most commonly used functions--  settting the speed, sending a stored message, storing a message--  are all right there in front of you.  You can start using the keyer immediately, and worry about programming the more advanced features later.


This kit includes one or more devices which are extremely sensitive to electrostatic discharge.  We recommend the use of an antistatic wrist strap

The optional hardware pack for the CMOS III kit, supplied by Milestone Technologies, contains everything you need to get your new keyer going-- six panel-mount pushbutton switches, stereo jack for the paddle, RCA phono jacks for straight key and output, 9V battery clip, 7805 voltage regulator, 2" speaker, and wiring instructions. An enclosure is not included, but the assembled keyer and hardware pack will fit in. the H804 project box.

The Jackson Harbor  Island Memory will work with the CMOS III keyers. It adds four separate message memories that can be recorded "live" or while you are transmitting, and they provide an easy way to "edit" the contents of a CMOS III memory.  

Order on-line, or call 800-238-8205 for credit card orders
or call 303-752-3382 for more information

What Others are Saying...

If you are a user of the CMOS-III or Logikey K-3, your comments could be here!  Write to  Be sure to say specifically that we can use your comments on the web page.
I have just taken delivery of my new K-3 and got the thing working
straight away, it is superb ... It even helps us so called weak Gs. I am
using it with my $6000 Icom IC-781 and it is much better than the built in
keyer.  You would think that for a 6 Grand radio it could not be beaten but
the K-3 is Far better .. Keep up the good work guys
73s Gerry (G0PWX)


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