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Classic German "Junker" Key

(click image for full-size view)
The Junker DBGM Key

All of the Junker keys have sold out as of 12/24/09. 

Morse Express presents the Junker Key, one of the classics of German key making and a tradition among European amateurs equivalent to our own J-38, only a much better key!  These are genuine military surplus keys which were mothballed by a German naval support facility in 1993.  The keys are wrapped in a heavy, waxy brown paper inside a foil pouch inside a cardboard box. Many of the boxes include a "mothball certificate" which says 

"This procurement item was cleaned, conserved, packed, and labelled, so that it will reach the receiver without damage and can immediately be used or installed without restrictions."

There is a label with inventory number on the certificate, the box, and inside the cover of the key.

The keys may show some signs of use-- typically 7/10 or 8/10 on the appearance scale--  but they are in perfect working condition (10/10). The Junker key is built like a tank, and with its  heavy steel base plate and cast aluminum cover it is ready for HF combat.

This one of the great keys to use-- precision machining and a very unusual "click-stop" adjuster for contact spacing (except JU1W) and a large thumbscrew for lever tension adjustment.  It's located abaft the left trunnion bearing, but actually raises and lowers a little platform beneath the spring!  The contacts meet perfectly and are machined hard silver for long wear and high conductivity.  These clever arrangements provide for a smoothness of operation that seldom attained with other keys.

Electrically the key has three connections, with matching silver contacts at the rear so that the key can be used for make/break keying as well as the more usual on/off keying.  In other words, the contacts at the rear will be held closed (for a receiver muting circuit, etc.) until the key is pressed, opening the rear contacts and closing the front ones a millisecond or so later.  Simple but foolproof T/R switching, with built-in QSK!  Note that the rear contact is not connected as supplied, but you can open the key up and connect it if you need it.  See the "detailed photos" for details. Connection is made via "wire sockets" on the back of the base-- you insert your wire and tighten a screw to hold it securely.  There's also a cable clamp to hold your cable neatly in place.

The Junker key weighs 2-1/4 pounds, so it will defiinitely stay where you put it.  The base measures 7-3/4" by 3-1/4" and it's 2-1/2" tall to the top of the cover.  The top surface of the knob is about 2-1/2" above the table, a good median height for either American or European style keying.

The original "Junkers" were the militaristic land-owning aristocracy of Prussia in the early 1800s and the name has become something of a "power name," used in English to refer to "landed aristocracy."  This aristocratic key, however, was invented by Joseph Junker, a German Naval Radio Officer in World War I (he was decorated in BOTH world wars).  The first patent for a Junker key was issued in 1920, and the Junker keys are still in production, representing continuous refinement and development over the intervening years.

The Junker key is a delight to use, as well as a significant piece of radio history. If you order by phone, please ask for the "YOON-ker" key-- there is nothing junky about the Junker key!

Junker DBGM Telegraph Key  JB-JU1A $99.95  

  Green cover and base, as described above JB-JU1A
 "Navy Gray" cover, base and lever, newer model
 (without click-stop mechanism for contact spacing)
  Green, with paint-damaged or marked cover JB-JU1X

Click here for more detailed photos!

Order on-line, or call 800-238-8205 for credit card orders
or call 303-752-3382 for more information

What Others are Saying...

What a cool key! i was fortunate to get a "9" key in the mail last
week for my birthday present to myself. I have it next to my paddle
so I can switch back and forth between the modes to "bring back"
my key fist! Being a naval history buff, this is one of the best gifts I have
bought for myself.  Get one while you can!
Fred Mann, N5IVZ, McAllen, Texas

Just recv'd my new Junker straight key and WOW!!, this is going to
bring back the joy to straight keying. The feel on this key is fantastic
and can't imagine it getting any better than this.  Thanks for offering
the key and for the great service. I'm looking
forward to doing business again in the future.
73, Jeff,  AJ8P

"Junker" key arrived this AM. Fantastico! It rides very
firmly on the right seat of my Toyota Tacoma on the long commute to work.
And sends code faultlessly--not always easy to do in a moving vehicle.
Charles K4TIN
I just hooked up the Junker... 
Oh my gosh what an instrument!  Just tell me where to gush.  Never in my
44 years of being a ham have I ever touched such a lovely instrument--
Straight Key, Bug or Paddle. Such a lovely positive action.  I fired up on 40
and talked to a fellow in Tacoma Washington.  It was one of those golden
moments when the key was simply an extension of my mind.  This key is
going to make me really late for work. My worst fear is that it's going to ruin
me for any other keys and I will have to start collecting bottle caps.
This is an incredible instrument.
73, Arthur J. Bieker WA7OSQ

A thing of beauty is a joy forever" and in the case of the Junker, beauty

comes in the form of a truly wonderful feel. While the drab military
appearance won't win a photo contest, this is every bit a "telegraphic
instrument" with its refined design and careful machining and assembly.
The adjustment range provided by the unique under-the-key spring tension
lever arm and click-stop spacing, both driven by the fine-thread thumb
screws, is truly phenomenal. It easily accommodates anything from
high-tension micro-spacing to a "snappy" feel with low tension and large
travel. I'm surprised with a key this good the German's didn't win the war!
73, Harry, AB7TB

I bought a Junker from you sometime back.  Since then, I have
picked up a couple more from eBay.  As a key collector, plus a Fists Club
member [Diamond 140, 500 Platinum #40, WAS CW ] I feel I am well qualified
to state that this key is my very favorite key to use daily on the air.  I
did remove the key from its 'tin can' and place it on a bright and shiny
6" x 3" x 1/4" base plate and I stuck a rubber pad beneath that for
stability.  It is a great to use key anyone would be delighted with.
Dave, KK4DW

If you are a user of the Junker Key, your comments could be here!  Write to via the link below, and please be sure to say specifically that we can use your comments on the web page. 


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