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LED Light Pens And Flashlights

LED Pen Lights

LED Pen 9000

It's a PEN.  It's a Flashlight!

PERFECT for Field Day operators, pilots, nurses... anyone who has to write in the dark!

LIGHTS UP. One quick click, and your pen lights up, so you can write in  the dark, and see what you're writing. The LED is lens- focused  to give you plenty of light where you need it, without disturbing others.

REMOVE the pen section from the front and you have a neat little LED FLASHLIGHT.

A PERFECT GIFT. Everyone loves this pen  — something they’ll use
and really enjoy...night and day. Platinum color barrel with clear body and colored light.

The LED Pen includes batteries.  

pen colors  

  PERFECTLY PRICED, too, at $5 -- compare to the same pen for $10.00 or more elsewhere!   
  Single color LED pens are available in Red, Blue, Green, YellowPurple, Pink, and White.  

               rainbow pens    

RAINBOW pen--  set it for any of the seven colors, or cycle through them automatically!

RED Red LED Pen  $5.00
BLUE Blue LED Pen  $5.00
GREEN Green LED Pen  $5.00
YELLOW Yellow LED Pen  $5.00
PURPLE Purple LED Pen  $5.00
PINK Pink LED Pen  $5.00
WHITE White LED Pen  $5.00
RBGYP SET of all 7 Colors
    (Get TWO FREE!
rainbow RAINBOW LED Pen  $5.00

Order on-line, or call 800-238-8205 for credit card orders
or call 303-752-3382 for more information


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