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The OHR 500 CW Transceiver Kit
Optional Iambic Keyer: $29.95-$39.95

With regret, we note that the OHR 500 CW Transceiver Kit was discontinued in August of 2008.  The major factor in this decision was the difficulty in obtaining parts critical to the function of the radio.  Some work-arounds were possible, but we were not prepared to compromise the quality of the OHR 500 as a "purist" CW transceiver.

Service (alignment and repair), accessories, and repair parts will be available indefinitely.

The Oak Hills Research OHR500 is a five band CW transceiver that covers 150 KHz of the 80, 40, 30, 20 and 15M bands.

Some of the features include a super-quiet single signal superhet receiver,  with diode ring mixer, and a new ultra stable pre-mix VFO system providing high side L.O. injection. The VFO is tuned with a high quality double bearing, vernier drive air variable cap.

Additional features include RIT, four pole crystal filter using hand-matched crystals, a four pole audio filter switchable from the front panel, and TX power out control on front panel. The receiver includes a high performance AGC circuit which can be turned off at front panel, separate RF gain control, true sinewave sidetone with separate frequency and level controls, and room filling audio at rear panel speaker jack in addition to the headphone output.

A scope is NOT required for alignment. We have included on-board RF probes so you can use your DMM and frequency counter for alignment. The L.O. signal is available at a rear panel jack for use with the DD-1 digital display.

The chassis is pre-punched for the optional keyer kit.

The OHR 500's transmitter provides 4-5 watts out on all bands except 15M which is 3-3.5 watts. The transmitter also has a silky smooth QSK circuit.

The kit includes a high qualtiy SO-239 antenna connector, with delrin insulator and gold-plated center pen for easy, reliable soldering.  But if you would prefer a BNC connector, you'll find a conversion kit on our Parts Page.

The OHR 500 operates on 12 - 13.8VDC. The current drain on RX is 270mA and 1A on transmit. The completed transceiver measures (HWD) 4" x 8 1/4" x 8 1/4" and weighs 3.8 pounds. The kit is complete with cabinet, three high quality silkscreened printed circuit boards, all components and instructions. Click here for information about the optional keyers.

If you'd like to see some pictures of what's inside the box, click here!

Want OHR to build it for you? Click here for details.

Want a set of pre-wound toroids?Click here for details.

OHR 500 5 Band CW Transceiver Kit, $379.95 (out of production)
Electronic Keyer (Basic) for OHR 500, $49.95
Electronic Memory Keyer for OHR 500, $59.95
Build, Align, Test OHR 500, $260.00
Build, Install Keyer for OHR 500 $20.00

Recomended accessories--
13.5V Universal  Power Supply
12V, 7AH Gell Cell Battery
Fuse Holder and 1.5A Fuse 
S0239 to BNC Conversion Kit
Push on PL259 Connectors
Tools and Solder

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