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Palm Portable Key


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The Palm Portable Key (PPK) is a fully functional portable straight key. Dedicated straight-key users will immediately be impressed with the way this "tiny giant" feels.  It is perfectly at home in the shack, but there is simply nopthing better for portable and mobile operation. Here is a summary of the PPK's features:

  1. Equipped with a sturdy aluminium housing (black structured powder coating) which perfectly protects the key when locked in the transport position
  2. Ingeniously designed and manufactured in Germany - the PPK was modelled on the famous German Junker key when it comes to the feel, not the size!
  3. Connecting cable - ending in a 3,5mm stereo phone plug - supplied and already attached - through a solid strain relief integrated in the key.
  4. Unique way of adjusting the arm tension in six incremental steps - unlike fiddling with a screw, simply change the notch and always have a reproducable arm tension rate
  5. High quality contacts made of 99,8 percent nickel material guarantee longevity and reliability.
  6. Precise adjustment of contact spacing through supplied Allen key. 90 degree rotation (quarter turn) changes gap only 0,125mm (0,05")
  7. Supplied adjustment key stores conveniently in the Quick Mount base and is always at hand.
  8. Magnetic Quick Mount base which allows a wide range of mounting variations also included.
  9. Perfect for "pocket portable" Morse practice when connected to the Tone Tube code practice oscillator.

Wiring notes for the PPK

The standard wiring of the stereo plug attached to the PPK is such that both tip and ring are keyed to ground. With most radios this is fine, but users of the Elecraft K1, KX1, and KX3 transceivers will need to modify the wiring as described in the wiring notes for the PPK  This removes the ring connection so that the PPK keys from tip to ground.  Other radios may require this modification. The screw that holds the mechanism is a Torx T6 but it can me removed/installed with a small jeweler's screwdriver. 



PPK retracted

PPK rear view

PPK open view

PPK open view

PPK mechanic

PPK Manual (PDF-File)

Palm Portable Key PR-PPK  $110
Straight Key with Quick Mount, Cord, Magnets and Travel Case
Quick Mount for MP/PS/PPK. Black, no magnets  $6
Quick Mount for MP/PS/PPK. Black, Magnetic  $12
See also the new Palm PPK IR, with built-in IR Link Transmitter.

Order on-line, or call 800-238-8205 for credit card orders
or call 303-752-3382 for more information

For tons more pictures and info, please feel free to visit Palm Radio's own web site in Germany by clicking here... but don't forget to come back!

What Others are Saying...

If you are a user of the Palm paddle, your comments could be here!  Write to us via the link below, and please be sure to say specifically that we can use your comments on the web page. 

Recently I bought the Palm Radio PPK key. Service was
excellent from "Morse Express". The product arrived within a
week, clearing Customs and all. Mine came complete with magnetic
mount and a  scratch protective key-pad which was a nice touch. I
use it both mobile and at home base. It sits on top of the 817 and
came crashing down, supporting radio and all, when I tripped over the
coax. hi hi. No damage done while key was extended.  It is a rugged
piece of equipment. The next day I made my first portable QRP QSO.
Well done Palm Radio and Morse Express.
--73 de Joe VA3EOJ

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